Introducing the
Stealth Holdout

We set out to create the best holdout device available on the market, and the Stealth was born. Designed from the ground up to be versatile, comfortable, and effective. The Stealth has gone through months of development, and has been tried and tested.

What is a Holdout?

A magician's device designed to aid in vanishing & retrieving items.

What type is the Stealth?

The Stealth is a gravity style professional holdout device.


Hands-Free Locking

The Stealth features a revolutionary locking design that is first of it’s kind. It is the only affordable professional holdout system with locking capability available to consumers.

2:1 or 1:1 Ratio

The Stealth is designed to fit your style of performance. Vanish items with little motion with the 2:1 ratio pull, or use the traditional motion with 1:1 ratio pull


The Stealth is designed with a Miller style clip, ready for any custom attachment to be used. Coin holder, ball holder, and so many more options.

Sleek Innovative Design


The Stealth Holdout is true to it's name. Designed to be invisible with nearly any outfit.


The Stealth Holdout is lightweight, and designed with comfort in mind.


The Stealth Holdout is flexible, and designed to fit different physical size.


The Stealth Holdout is designed with aluminum, plastic, and stainless steel.

Lifetime Guarantee On All Parts

Made In USA

Included with the Stealth Holdout Package

Have questions?

We're sure you're curious to know more about the Stealth. Send us a message and we'll get back to you.

team @ holdoutpro . com

Who is HoldoutPro?

We're two brothers from Indiana, and we've set out to make the best holdout possible. We've designed and created the Stealth from scratch, and we have more ideas coming!

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